Do you like spicy snacks? If so, you should try Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s cashews and almonds seasoned with Thai spices. They have a medium heat level. Since they are a bit expensive, I waited for a special occasion to share with friends and got these tasty morsels to make a little platter. All of the flavors were so popular, I am surprised there were any left!

Whole Foods vs Trader Joes

Trader Joe’s Thai Lime and Chili Cashews and Almonds are so delicious, they might be addictive. If they are in the house, I cannot keep myself from snaking on them except by sheer force of will. These are definitely a repeat purchase. The spices are a finely ground, but you can see little bits of Thai lime leaves, lemongrass, green chilies, and powdered lime, creating a unique and balanced blend. I like these so much, I tried to make my own at one point. My cashews looked similar to TJ’s but were not nearly as hot or tangy.

Thai Chile Cashews

It seems like TJ’s Thai cashews were so popular, the company decided to create a delightful version with almonds, too. Believe it or not, the almonds are even better! The mix includes whole chilies and Thai lime leaves, which lend a bit of extra heat and crunch. Maybe I will have to try making these, too. Until then, I’ll just have to make a few special trips to the store.

Thai Chile Almonds

It is a bit odd Whole Foods only carries one variety of nuts seasoned with Southeast Asian spices: Thai Curry Cashews. Unfortunately, they are flavored with a mix only loosely based on actual curry. Personally I find them too salty and strangely sweet; you can see the salt and sugar encrusted on the nuts. They are reminiscent of spicy Doritos covered in sugar, which is not a good taste in my opinion. Many other people did seem to enjoy them at the party though.

Thai Curry Cashews